Who does not like money?

Who does not know money?
Who does not value money?
And who does not like money?
Is there anyone that you know?
And is there nothing wrong with them?
Tell me if you know!
Every normal person knows money;
Every normal person values money;
Every normal person likes money;
Every normal person is almost mad about money;
Yet, it is not easy to get by;
It is a commodity rather slippery;
Just like fish in water;
And not only good,
But bad as well.
It doesn’t only heal;
It also wounds.
It tempts;
And it destroys.
Love money;
Go for money;
But beware of money!

11 thoughts on “Who does not like money?

  1. The Bible has it that money is the root of all evil. Looking at our society today there are so many unanswered questions owing to the things people do all for the sake of money.

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