Are you kind to those who are kind to you? The story of Lion and the Donkey teaches us to be kind to those who are kind to us; to show gratitude to those who do good to us.Here is the story.

Once upon a time, Lion, the king of the animal world was in trouble. He fell into a pit and none of the other animals was willing to help him get out. Instead,they celebrated and wished he should die.

When Donkey who was not aware of what was going on was passing BY, he saw Lion in the pit.

“Come and help me,” pleaded Lion. “We shall be friends.”

Donkey, being of a kind heart and also believing Lion, accepted. He sent down his head and Lion held his ears and came out of the pit.

Donkey was happy to have been of help to the king of the animals. To his greatest shock, however, Lion did not leave his ears. Instead, he strengthened is grip on them; and Donkey felt great pain.

Soon Lion began to lick his lips as a sign that he was preparing to eat a delicious meal. As the pain on his ears became more acute, Donkey was worried and asked:

“What are you doing?” He was frightened.

“I am preparing to eat you,” responded Lion, further strengthening his grip on Donkey’s ears.”I have been in this hole for a long time. I am starving. I badly need to eat something. Donkey-meat is very delicious.”
“But I saved your life,” said Donkey. “How can you do this to me?”

“Saved my life! What are you talking about?” Asked Lion. “Can you save my life?” He laughed mockingly. “Look at somebody who claims to have saved my life. By the way, in the jungle there is no justice.”

As he was about to tear Donkey to pieces, Tortoise appeared.

“What is happening?”asked Tortoise.
“I saved his life, cried Donkey, “and he is about to eat me.”
“Liar!” shouted Lion. “You are a shameless liar.”

“I agree with you Lion,”said Tortoise. “How can a weakling like you, Donkey, save the king of the forest. Get ready to die. You are the king’s food.”

“I saved his life,” pleaded Donkey.
“Do it again and let me see, you impostor,” shouted Tortoise.

So saying Tortoise asked Lion to get back into the pit and let Donkey bring him out as he claimed he had done. Foolish Lion jumped back into the pit.

Turning, Tortoise looked at Donkey and said:

“You will be the worst fool my friend, to remove that fellow out of that pit.”

Donkey quickly understood what Tortoise had done. The wise Tortoise had saved his life. He embraced his new friend and leaving Lion in the pit to lick his wounds the two men swaggered off; giving a deaf ear to the ungrateful king’s pleas that he would not eat Donkey if he saved him a second time.

Ingratitude may undo us. We need to be kind to those who are kind to us.

There are other lessons that come out of this story. Which of them do you find?


4 thoughts on “Ingratitude.

  1. Or we can be kind everyone we meet or brush by… You will be surprised at how it comes back to you. Ofcourse there will always be ppl like the lion… we need to steer clear of them:)

  2. The story and the lessons are very interesting. I remember reading this story the first time in Something Useful magazine, that was way-back in 1998 if I have my memories right. One of the lessons is that ungratefulness even affects your brains (your thinking capacity) that is why the lion got so stupid. You equally fine that he was too self-centered to have notice the wise tortoise’s game plan.

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