Stop shifting blame!

Stop shifting blame and take responsibility for your failures.

There are people who mess up their lives and blame others for it. They will blame every other person except the one who is responsible for the mess; and the one who is responsible for the mess is they themselves.

Are you among those people who blame others for the mistakes they make which lead to their failure?

You have to know that you are responsible for your success and have the duty to take responsibility for it. Shifting blame to others is an escapist attitude. This may make you feel fine, but that will not help you.

You are responsible for both the things that go well and the ones that go wrong in your life.

Celebrate when things go well for you and accept responsibility when they go wrong. Instead of shifting responsibility or looking for an escape-goat to blame when things do not work out well, take a step back; and take a good look at yourself to see what you did not do rightly. Then take measures to correct your mistake.

The way for you to succeed is to take responsibility for your successes and failures; celebrate your successes; correct your mistakes; and move on. It is not by shifting blame. (Tweet).

12 thoughts on “Stop shifting blame!

  1. Very true. I have come across people who are close to me , who so conveniently shifts blame on others, parents, friends, family and situations. What I have inferred along the years is, such people can never stay happy. They do not credit for the good things people do to them, but for the bad things, they simply put the blame sometimes on people who most supported them.

  2. what do we do when our parents take all our decisions and there is no place for us? Who is to blame? the child for listening or that child who stood up to the family and got lost…

    • I do understand you. There are some parents who just get on the nerves of their children. I usually feel sorry for such parents because they do not know what they are doing. And as a child instead of getting mad with your parents and deciding that you will no longer have anything to do with them, you sympathize with them. It is their filters. Maybe with time they will become more enlightened and do better. Also take time to listen to and understand your parents. After all what an old man can see sitting under a tree, a young man will not see standing on the tallest tree.

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