Dishonesty in American politics?

IMG_0375I can’t quite understand; but I find a lot of dishonesty in American politics. I have a lot of faith in Americans indeed; but this dishonesty in politics is what I do not understand.

When it’s time for politics, I often hear people saying things which are not true, only to run down the candidate that is not their choice in order to enhance the chances of the one that is their choice. Where is the honesty that we admire America for?

This happened when Obama ran. It happened with many before him. It’s happening with Hillary.Of course, those on Hillary’s side are going to do the same thing to the candidates on the other side. With all the tearing down and ridiculing of people, in the end only an imperfect human being is elected into the coveted post.

Secondly, I keep waiting for America to walk the talk in terms of giving women a chance to make the most of their potential. They are most vocal about this but are they walking the talk?

I fear personality inconsistency as far as this great country which I so much admire is concerned.?

Those who are holding the light have the duty of keeping it shining don’t they? Many countries that talk less about women’s rights have had women in their highest office; yet the country that talks the most about the matter does not seem ready to give women their chance.

Can anyone explain this to me?DSCN1130

9 thoughts on “Dishonesty in American politics?

  1. I can’t explain it. Our politics are a joke and I don’t feel their honest. I am really worried where this country is going. I don’t feel we are that great country people seem to think we are. The politicians are tearing each other apart. How can anyone believe all that stuff they throw around.

  2. Living in the U.S., I can tell you part of the reason. Men here assume that all social change has been taken care of for women, that there are no other obstacles women face that men don’t. Of course that assumption is not true. But it plays heavily into politics.

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