Love in a dust bin

What do I do now
That you have dumped me
As waste material
In a dust bin?

You have abandoned me
In the middle of a sea of love
In a mere canoe with no paddle
To paddle my way out;
What am I to do?

Is your plan to drown me?
What have I done to you to merit this?
Have you forgotten the times
When I took you to the sky of happiness?

Where do I go from here
When you have shattered all my dreams
of having a loving spouse and family?
How do I put the pieces together?

I do not know where to start
To rebuild my life
When you have squeezed me so dry
And all that was of beauty in me is gone;

See how I used to shine and glitter!
What is left now is nothing
To write home about.
But you think you have destroyed me?

I am indestructible;
I am strong;
I am picking up the pieces; and
I will rebuild my life.

Did you get me right?
What has been lost is nothing compared
To what is ahead;
The best is still to come.

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