Why politics is important

You might have noticed that political issues interest me on this blog. Have you?
And are you wondering why?

Let me explain.

I am interested in talking politics here because I believe it is important to you.

I am a success creator. By inspiring people, I want to create successful people. I want to create winners.I like to see people rise from the bottom to the top.I like to see people who look like they cannot win coming from behind and making it to the top.I like to see men, women, and children creating records, rising to undreamed of positions.

That is why the campaign of Hillary Clinton interests me. She may be at the top already but as a lady becoming President will be a new record.That will be an achievement that will tell the world in general and women in particular that nothing is important to whoever is determined no matter the color, gender and the obstacles on the way.

Following the game of politics, listening to the campaign can be a source of great inspiration. Can you imagine how many women, and girls in the world will be inspired and transformed by Hillary Clinton’s victory? Her victory will rock the world just as that of Barack Obama did.

I do not want to jump to a hasty conclusion; but I am still to see in this election a campaign that will create the excitement that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is expected to create.

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  1. You are absolutely correct, political topics and discussions is needed. We might hate talking about politics sometime but we cannot run away from it, because we are also a part of the system. If there is something incorrect we must make a collective effort to make it right.

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