Spread this call for prayer

If you love to pray,
You are wise;
share your love for prayer;
That it may help others to pray too.
If our world becomes a praying world,
We have won.
Let’s get up in the morning every day,
With a prayer on our lips;
Let’s go to bed every night,
With a prayer on our lips;
And talk to him as often as we can,
Even as we go about our daily lives;
Many times in the night,
As we turn our body in our bed,
Let a word of prayer shake our lips as well.
Drawing ourselves close to Him in prayer,
Is the best thing we can do;
The smartest thing to do;
The wisest thing we must do.
He never gets tired listening to us;
Let us not get tired talking to Him;
And there is no prayer
That He does not answer.
If you knock and think
He is not there to open
The door for you,
Knock and knock again,
And do not stop knocking
Until the door is widely opened.
Let us pray, loving friend,
And make the world an excellent place
For everybody to enjoy;
May you who believe in the power of prayer
Spread this call everywhere you can;
So that it may get to the far ends of the world!


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