Take action now

There are things you should never do. Never sell yourself short. This means never limit yourself.

Why do you think only others can do marvels and not you? Give me just one reason. I do not believe in putting barriers on my own path. The sky is the only limit to everybody living in this world even those with average brains.

We each have our chance to excel in something. Yet, only some will do, because they believe in themselves, are determined, will work hard and persist until they get it. If you do not have a goal, or dream on which you have set your heart and mind, you are wasting half your life, if not more.

When you set your goal, make it big; but break it down to easily achievable bites. And once you are through with one, move on to the next. Sitting and admiring people who mare shining and sparking or even being envious of them will not help you. Only belief in your own potential and taking action to get to where you want will.

Take action now. Don’t wait. Take a resolution that you are not going to sell yourself short; that you will rank among the greatest persons in the world. Why not? That is where you start. Then choose what you want to do exactly and make your plan to achieve it.

Once you’ve made your plan, set to work to achieve it. And let me say it again:never give up until you have achieved it. This is how all great achievements are made. Good luck.

17 thoughts on “Take action now

  1. I’ve been thinking lately of the things I wanted to do as a child, that I’ve not done. So I am deciding to have a go. Tennis player, too old now, but write a book and make a song? Maybe I can.

  2. My dream in life is to write and I am achieving that in a much bigger way than I ever imagined. And even better when my writing helps someone.

  3. Goals are important, but as you say making a plan and working towards it is even more important.

    If you break it down into smaller goals almost anything is achievable. You just have to believe in yourself.

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