Where do wayward children come from?

Do you know why you may have wayward children?

You will have them if God is not party to their conception. If we fail to bring God in through prayer when we are going in for a new baby the baby who will be conceived will not be rooted in God.

God, who is all good, is ready to grant us what is good for us on condition that we bring him in. If we do not bring him in, we will create an opening for the devil to come in and do what he likes.

We know, of course, what the devil will do. He will take control; and will plant the seeds of evil in the heart of the child. As the child grows, this evil will grow as well in him. That is why we have a world that is full of people who are so full of evil. They are not rooted in God; but in the devil.

We are exhorted in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray without ceasing. If we do this, the Devil will not have a chance in our life to do what he likes. We will have God centered lives; and God-centered children.

Those who are still bearing children, or still to bear children, must put God at the center of the child-bearing activity. Pray to Him before love-making that the children conceived may be God-centered children.

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