Why hate darkness?

Don’t hate darkness. Darkness is not all bad. People who hate darkness have not understood the world. There is evil in darkness for sure; but there is good in it as well. Light is not all good either. There is good in light; and there is evil in it as well. Many good things are done in darkness; many evil things are done in light. Both light and darkness are good and are evil. Everything under the surface of the earth has two sides; a good side and an evil side.

2 thoughts on “Why hate darkness?

  1. Yes Ngoblesing! That’s very true. There two sides to everything and they both serve a purpose. Darkness and light could be interpreted in so many ways like night and day, deception and truth, clear and unclear, love and indifference, sadness and happiness, and the list goes on… However, like you said nothing is all good or all bad. Each is capable of good and evil. I think when most refer to “light” it’s in the concept of truth for example Jesus is the light, the way, truth. So, if one is suffering (darkness) the light will lead them out… It’s an expression that much thought wasn’t put into but it doesn’t mean darkness representative of all bad or light representative of all good. This is my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing Ngobesing and hope you have a blessed day <3

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