Money is how you manage it.

There is a musician who sings “To have money is not difficult. It is to manage it that is difficult.” This is to say that it does not suffice to have money. You have to manage it well.

There are people with big salaries who have nothing to show and others with small salaries who do big things. What actually matters is not how much you earn, but how well you manage what you earn.(Tweet).  A well-paid job is not enough. Managing what you earn is important else you regret later.

Learn how to manage your finances well.

If you find yourself on the wrong road in the management of your finances,  go back and take the right road. There is no use continuing a journey if you find yourself driving on the wrong road. (Tweet).

13 thoughts on “Money is how you manage it.

  1. Absolutely correct, having money is not enough, but managing it is important. Your blog truly inspires me. Little tit bits of things that we often overlook, which are important of course are very adequately highlighted in this blog. I have become a fan of this blog. Do check out my posts also, I would love to hear your feedback on it.

  2. For many people it’s not so much a matter of managing what they/we have but to have enough to survive…we have to be careful not to blame people who have small or no incomes or worse still to blame them for being bad managers. Some people simply do not have enough money to manage!

    • Thank you for saying this which can lead to another post. Can one’s income be too small to worry about how to manage it? The answer is know. If you cannot manage a dime you will not manage millions. Start learning to manage the small you have while working for more to come. I am going to write a post on this.

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