Big goals

Do you know that many of the big dreams that appear to you to be impossible to achieve are actually possible?

You can achieve them.

Tell me your most lofty dream, and I will tell you it is possible. You can achieve it.

When Barack Obama began his campaign for the White House in 2008, many people thought it was impossible for him to win. Yet he won. That was the wildest dream; but which came true.

Like many people, you may think it is a far-fetched dream for you to become the president of your country; but it is a real possibility?

Generally, when you look at a big goal superficially as a whole, it will look overwhelming. If you settle down on it with a passion, and begin to go step by step, that is when you will see how achievable it is.

What actually prevents many people from achieving big is the courage to go in for a big goal and do so fully.

If you can muster this courage and settle on a big goal, you will be surprised at how things will work out for you.

In fact, do not be afraid of big goals.

However, dream big but go step by step. Fix your mind on the mountain top you want to climb to; but know that every journey is accomplished one step at a time even if you go by plane.


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