Couple Power

Have you ever heard about couple power?

When husband and wife work together in unity, understanding and harmony, they generate tremendous power which they can use to achieve things for the family. This power is what is called couple couple

When couples work in dispersed ranks, their efforts are divided and dispersed. The result is poor achievement for that couple. They lack couple power.

To acquire couple power, there are a good number of measures to take. The couple has to:

  1. Be open to each other,
  2. Trust each other;
  3. Dialogue or communicate with each other regularly;
  4. Dialogue or communicate effectively;
  5. Pray together,
  6. Create quality time for themselves;
  7. Have fun in their relationship.

In short, they have to work on their relationship. This means they must take deliberate action to maintain a healthy, and harmonious relationship as a couple.

If you are married, I propose that you share this post with your spouse, and then both of you sit down and work out how to improve on your couple relationship.

Couple power will help you tremendously.

Stop working in dispersed ranks because you run the risk, not only of dispersing your efforts, but also of working against each other. This can be disastrous.

Make use of the power you generate as a couple called couple power. Let it help you enjoy your marriage and have many achievements as a couple to show.

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