Don’t do everything alone.

Helen Keller says:

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Who can doubt this?
Who can question this?

Whether you are striving to succeed in your work, studies or business; whether you are leading a company, an organization, an institution, or just a group of people, do not try to do everything alone. Get others to do some of the things.

Great leaders focus on the most important things and delegate powers to others for the less important things. This way, they have more time to do what is crucial for the success of what they are doing.

It is a mistake to try to do everything alone.Unity is strength.

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    • You are right, We only have to make the effort to the best of our ability. Who shall blame us for not succeeding if we have made enough effort. We do the work; the results come from God.

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