Every child’s destiny

To a  great extent, parents determine whether their children will become great or not. The role they play in the life of their young innocent ones is very determinant.

In a child’s early years, you can set the ball rolling for a great life or a common life.

Listen to a woman who has made it in an outstanding way in life:

“My parents ingrained in me early on that the perfect score is always something to strive for. I want to win and I want to succeed no matter what.”

Andrea Jung is the former CEO of Avon and President of Grameen America.

Children whose parents ingrain in their minds and hearts that they are born to be great usually go on to be great. Those whose parents ingrain in their minds that their place is at the bottom, usually end at the bottom.

Of course, there are exceptions.

Later education sometimes wipes out early education. The beliefs that parents  ingrain in their children early in life may be wiped out by later education. Thus, it is common to find people who looked like they would never amount to anything when they were kids, becoming outstanding persons in the society.

By and large, mind what you plant in your little child’s mind. In the majority of cases, it determines the future of the child.

And if your parents planted negative ideas about you in your mind when you were young, you owe yourself the duty to wipe them off and replace them with positive ones in line with the destiny that you want for yourself.

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