Make it happen!

I was worried and asked myself
Many, many questions all at once:
“Was I born to succeed or
I was born to fail?
Why are others shining and sparking
And not I also?
What have I done to have a dark star?
Why aren’t the good things of life
Coming to me as well?
Am I doomed to fail?”
To these questions, I had no answers.
But to my mind
More of them poured in:
“Is failure my lot in life?
Why is n’t the door of success opening to me?
Why is the door of success closed to me?”
On my head these questions really ached;
And up they kept me late in the night;
While others, in peace, had their sleep.
Then at the top of my voice,
I shouted out:
“Who can tell me?
Who can tell me what to do?”
“I can,” said a voice;
As loudly as anyone can hear.
Though no figure did I see.
And this is what it said:
“Make it happen, dear friend!
Make it happen now!
You can make it happen!
Stop complaining and make it happen;
You can make it happen.”
Challenged I felt;
And went to work at once;
And to my surprise, I made it happen.
This challenge, I pass to you, friend;
If it’s not happening to you;
Make it happen!
Go to work and make it happen;
For indeed, you can make it happen.
Anything you want in life;
Make it happen.

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