Same sex marriage

Have you heard of it?
Same sex marriage;
A thorn in the flesh of the world!
What do you say?
Should it or should it not be?
Are you for or against?
Who instituted marriage?
God of course;
And what laws did he put for it?
Shall we respect
Or shall we defy them?
Think of it;
And beware of what you are doing
About God’s laws!
Beware of where
You are taking the world.
Strong enough to defend your faith?
Or standing by and seeing it
Thrown to the dogs?
Let me get your view!
please, speak!

22 thoughts on “Same sex marriage

  1. I see homosexual acts as sin, but i’m in no place to judge anyone lifestyle, i sin in so many ways on a daily basis, can’t seem to control myself, I just try to live and let live and try and fix my life.

  2. …it is not my place to judge either way. An open, embracing and compassionate heart is needed in these matters. What would Jesus have said? He turned the OT Laws inside out, gave them a good shaking and said…Love of God and love of your neighbour comes first, before man made judgements…

  3. I am absolutely in favor of same sex marriage, I don’t think it is a sin to love someone of same sex (they are doing a great favor by not increasing population), they have full right to give their love a social name.

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