Love becomes hate

Never have I understood;
That which makes love become hate;
So often do I see this happen;
Passionate love becomes
Passionate hate;
Isn’t it a shame, indeed!
That man and woman
That love themselves,
And together intimately
Share their lives,
Start to hate each other!
And to hurt each other!
And even become enemies!
Who can tell me
Why this happens?
How this happens?
What for this happens?
How do we start with love;
And end with hate?
It is, hard, indeed, for me to

14 thoughts on “Love becomes hate

  1. I think it comes down to expectation and communication. We all go into relationships with expectations of how things “should” be, and don’t seem to understand that our expectations may not line up with the other persons. If we can communicate about that, then we can get past it. But unspoken expectations lead to disappointment, which over time turns into resentment, which kills relationships.

    People talk about how communication is the key to a good relationship, and I believe that. But because we are human, and have feelings and emotions, healthy communication can be so hard.

    • Well said. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I learned that the best way to communicate with your spouse in order to reduce relationship stresses is to dialogue on feelings rather than on issues.If you find that your spouse has red-light feelings you try to do something to bring him/her out of them.

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  3. love and hate relationship does happen everywhere especially divorce and separation is rampant now adays….it’s rather sad.

  4. It happens because we are human, because our Ego likes to have things it’s way, because we feel that we have to be right, because we hate to be told we got it wrong, because humans like to control, like to judge…and that list goes on and on and on…Jesus was lovingly humble, he put others before himself. If every husband/ wife considered their partner’s well being before themselves…break ups would not happen…enough rambling…must get out and garden, a glorious day here! 🙂 a good day to you my friend!

  5. As a 23 year old, I have faced this situation. From my personal experiences, I can say that sometimes it becomes really difficult to forgive people. My wiser side tells me that some things are bound to happen for our own good. Hatred stems from the idea of revenge, better idea is to move on and delete those thoughts from the memory.

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