Marriage and regret

Did you take enough time to know your spouse before you got married? If not, why not?
Have you taken enough time to know the person you are planning to get married to? If not why not?
Are the expectations you had when you got into marriage met? If not, why not?
Are you regretting that you got into marriage with your present spouse or ex-spouse? If yes, why?

What lessons have you learned about marriage from your experience or from observing your parents or other married persons that you can share which will help others?


7 thoughts on “Marriage and regret

  1. I married my hubby at 19 after being together 4 years he joined the navy we have been married 6 years and together 10 . He cheated on me last year and I forgave him do I regret getting married no not yet anyway we have two children and I do love him but I can’t speak for him.


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