Passionate love and marriage

Too many people rush into marriage without giving themselves enough time to know whether or not they are meant for each other.Soon after the marriage, they find they are not meant for each other; that they are incompatible.

The result is their marriage becomes marred by problems. They end up in divorce.

There is something about love that is deceitful and dangerous. When you find your heart burning for somebody, do not jump to the conclusion that you must spend the rest of your life with that person or that you will die if that person does not become yours. Marriage is much more than passionate love.

No matter how your heart longs for somebody, take your time and be sure that you both have what it takes to make a successful couple before you decide to marry.

It’s not everything that your heart goes for that is good for you or that you must have.

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  1. Indeed. The problem is to be able to stand strong in own’s belief to have financial independence rather than comply to own parents’ expectations.

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