I shall work harder

I work hard
This is true.
But it is not enough;
I, yet, don’t have the results I want;
Do you know what this means?
If you were me what would you do?
It means I have to work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser.
That is what I will do;
I shall work harder;
And work smarter;
And work wiser
And see how I will not make it big.
I a determined;
I will make it big some day;
I will;
God being my helper.
What of you?
I want you to make it big too.
Hence, do as I do.
Work harder, smarter and wiser.

4 thoughts on “I shall work harder

  1. … I will indeed succeed in any chosen direction if it is indeed in harmony with what God desires for me and from me, on this earth! If that is the case then no chance of failure! 🙂

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