You can surprise everybody

Can you imagine how joyful it can be if everybody believes you cannot make it in life but you defy them and make it? This happens ever so often. I have seen people who are dismissed by the people around them as people who cannot amount to anything because of their poor background, but they have gone ahead and made it.

Zinga (not real name) never went beyond elementary school. His parents could not afford to pay his fees and he had no option but to get work as a houseboy. However, his ambition never left him. He read a lot where he worked and lived.

With time, he became a big boy and got married. Inspiration came to him to further his education. He enrolled in evening school and registered for the General Certificate of Education Examination. In the end, he passed with flying colors and went in for the Advanced Levels. Again, he passed very well; and got to University. Today, with a PhD, he lectures at University.

Do not let anything stop you from becoming whatever you want to be. You can do better than Zinga. Of course, he continues to work hard; looking forward to better achievements.

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