Hard to say goodbye

You make us proud, my girl!How hard it is to say goodbye!
I say it to you with tears in my eyes;
For dull our home shall be without you;
Often, you made our days real bright;
With thrilling stories of your day;
We loved to hear you share;
And we all listened enthralled;
But now far off you shall be,
And when we see again,
No one can say.
Though we pray to meet again,
It’s the Almighty God who decides;
And His plan, none can know.
Parting is such sweet sorrow
We are told
And that’s what I see.
Wherever you go,
Be sure of our love;
If ever we don’t see again
Always know we love you much.
If ever you don’t find us when you return,
May your days be full of joy!

18 thoughts on “Hard to say goodbye

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