Girl on the move

Linda set to go

Linda set to go

A few minutes ago, a plane took off for Europe at the International Airport in Douala, Cameroon. On one of the seats was our daughter, Linda, 24.

When we say hard work pays, I have seen it with this young lady. God has blessed her with enormous potential; and she has worked very hard to develop it. If all blessings come from God, we have to play our part and let God play His.This is what she is doing.

She’ll be away in Europe for one year as an international volunteer. This is the biggest opportunity that she has ever had to both develop and showcase her talent. I have no doubt that she will do it.

What is amazing right now is like when she touches something it turns into gold.I guess the source of this is the fact that she grew up in the heart of the organization which I created and ran for many years known as Gold Touch International Organization. Through it I promoted the philosophy of positive or possibility thinking.

Our children become what we train them to be. At age five Linda often got people spellbound in public occasions especially on International Women’s Day with her presentations.That began instilling in her courage, and self confidence – marvelous qualities which have never left her.

If I were asked to give advice to parents on how to bring up their children to be the best children and parents tomorrow, I would not hesitate to tell them: “Parents, instill in your children, while they are still young, values which you want them to grow up with.”

Those who become great men and women do not wait to be offered their opportunities on a platter of gold. They work for them; and early childhood education can help greatly facilitate this for them.

I gave her two messages just before we separated. One was a revised edition of this
The second was this:
MY DREAM FOR YOU??????????

My dream for you I had when you were born
And I saw you climbing the full ladder’s rungs
At the summit I saw you taking your place;
Today, the signs I see, my dream coming true;
Whatever you touch, I see it turning to gold;
You are so bold; so confident; and sure of yourself;
You know what you want and know you will get it;
You trust in God and the potential he put in you;
The love of family, friends; admirers go with you;
Accompanied by our prayers from day to day;
If of one thing I am sure from Almighty God,
It’s this great destiny He has for you.
When greatness smiles at you as I know it will
By the grace of God who loves you much,
Fight for the poor and fight for the weak;
That on their faces they may have some smiles.
With love
Your Dad.
I do not know how you feel; but I have just said clearly how I feel. Thanks
for reading.


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  1. That’s really very sweet Sir. You surely are a proud father and she, a talented and loved daughter. ❤
    Congratulations to her and Best wishes for the upcoming year and bright future awaiting for her.

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