The rich and the poor.

What type of life do you believe God has destined for you? A poor, a rich or a very rich life? What do you think is the main difference between those who are poor and those who are very rich? Do you know why 90% of people in the world are poor?

Experts say what makes some people rich and some poor is their belief.

The rich guys believe in money; that they can make it; that they have a right to be rich; that they are born to be rich. Because of this belief, they work hard and smart and this makes their belief come true.

The poor guys believe they are born to be poor; that they cannot be rich; that riches are not meant for everybody. Because of this belief, they do not put in much effort and this makes their belief come true.

What do you believe? Tell me what you believe about riches and I will tell you how rich or poor you will be.

Do you believe you are born to be rich or to be poor? Do you believe you have or do not have the stuff that makes people rich?


12 thoughts on “The rich and the poor.

  1. I have seen millionaire beggars and poors- I mean I have seen millionaires who are beggars and thieves and poor people who are content and hard working so… wealth is mostly inside, little in bank I think!

  2. God in His infinite wisdom has given all of us talents, gifting’s and abilities. I describe talent is an inner opportunity designed to help us make it life. My ultimate belief is in God and the talent He has hidden in me. How rich I will become depends on my connection with the Maker and how I maximize my potential out of my Inner Opportunity. The richest people the world have seen utilized their talents to the best of their ability. Some don’t believe in God, yet, they are very successful because success is not for a selected few but for the few who choose it. But a perfect connection with the Father gives a perfect direction to go about your talent. I BELIEVE IN GOD.

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