Limitless reasons to thank God

I can never thank you enough O Lord,
For your wonderful blessings.
Thank you for your love!
Thank you for blessing me with the gift of today!
Thank you for the gift of my life!
Thank you for the gift of my family!
Thank you for the gift of a roof over my head!
Thank you for sound sleep this night!
Thank you for all my friends!
Thank you for my blog!
Thank you for those who read what I write on this blog!
Thank you for my health!
Thank you for the thousands of blessings that I cannot name here!

What two to four things would you like to thank God for today?


24 thoughts on “Limitless reasons to thank God

  1. I thank God for giving me such a loving and caring family especially my sister who’s my inspiration in life!
    I thank God for my dramatic life full of star plus style drama (which is an everyday thing for me). I really enjoy it though!
    I thank God for my unique laugh!
    I thank God for basically what I am and everything I have! 🙂
    A great post that actually made me think! I read it today morning and decided not to instantly post a comment and actually think about what makes!
    Love it!

  2. I thank God for my family, especially my Mum.
    I thank God for today, the rain and the sun in between.
    I thank God for
    I thank God because I woke on my bed and not in some hospital bed this morning. etc…

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