A joyful song of thanks

My heart is singing
And dancing with joy;
I hear a joyful melody
Flowing from my heart
Like a gentle spring on a hill side;
It’s a joyful melody
Of thanks to Almighty God
For the marvels He’s done
In my life;
It’s a melody that drips
Like gentle rain
From Heaven,
And one I have never before heard.
I wonder if they are
Nightingales or angels
That are singing!
It’s like a choir of angels
In my heart gently springing out
Joyful tunes of praise to God;
So happy I am;
That the Lord has done
So much for me
I don’t know where to start
Thanking Him;
Hence, this spring of melodies
Flowing from my heart
To say
‘Thank you Sweet Father;
Though this word is not enough.’

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