My teacher transformed my life.

“Fear does not make a hero.
Cowardice does not make a hero.
Doubt does not make a hero.”

“These words rang out strongly from the mouth of my teacher,” said Lum. “I was held spellbound,” she went on. “He said them with conviction, fired up by passion to get the best out of us. I was moved and listened; not wanting him to stop talking.”

“Only bravery will” he went on.”Boldness, courage, the readiness to go out into the world despite your fears, to face the challenges and hazards and conquer.”

“I got the point. There and then I took the decision to banish fear from my life.I don’t fear; and see no mountain on my way that I cannot pull down. Nothing can stop me from going to where I want to go. My courage is unbending. I can never thank that teacher who transformed my life from that day enough,” Lum concluded.


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