Turn all the stones

If you want to get what you want,
Doggedly pursue it;
Turn all the stones;
Leave non unturned;
With all your might,
Run after it;
It may be hard to come;
But when the time is ripe,
It will.

6 thoughts on “Turn all the stones

  1. This is a good one. It’s weird to say this, but you sound like a busy person but I find it fascinating you have the time to write these (you probably wrote a lot of these in advance and then scheduled them, though).

    • Thanks for your interest Hairo. I have spent all my life writing. I have tons of things I have written. Many of them are very long articles which I cannot publish because I find that people do not have time to read long things on the net. Hence, what I do is I get excerpts and rework them for the readers. Actually what limits me is my fear that I will overwhelm my readers. At the same time, I find time running out and so I have to publish as I do. As for being busy, I believe in hard work; and I really work very hard. I just hope that my hard work and the sacrifices I make will make a difference in some people’s lives.

    • Thank You Protus. You are distinguishing yourself as one of the best readers on this blog. I hope you have encouraged your friends to read and comment like you. Have a great day.

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