Tell me your dream

Tell me your dream and I will tell you what you will become tomorrow.

You cannot be any greater than your dream. Dream big if you want to become outstanding tomorrow. Do not limit yourself by dreaming small.

I have a big dream. My dream is to transform the lives of one billion people in the world by motivating, inspiring, encouraging, edifying, and helping them to bring out the best in themselves.

It may be too big a dream for others but not for me. I am pursuing it with full confidence that it will come true one day with the help of the Almighty God and the millions of very good people God will put on my path.

Great dreams have a way of drawing great minds to back them up. I encourage you to dream big. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Do not worry about what people will say about your dream.

I believe that everyone whose life shall be touched and transformed by my words will take my dream forward by touching and transforming another or others. Through the rippling effect, my dream will come true some day.

By lighting one candle, it is possible to light up the world. Dream big, my friend; but start in a small way. Light one candle and let it light the next and that next will light the next. Before long there shall be light in the entire world.

Dream big. Tell me your dream; and I will tell you what you will become.

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  3. I want to be a forensic scientist…I’m applying for chemistry at university and then study forensic science…it’s really scary though considering the tuition fees as well as the fact that there’ll be no maintenance grants any more; just loans and therefore debt…
    On top of that, there aren’t many jobs available for forensic scientists in the UK…I’m sorry that I’m moaning so much but I’m very much looking forward to my degrees as I love both chemistry and forensic science πŸ’œ but not sure about my future as a whole πŸ˜”…what would you suggest?

    • Thanks for sharing your dream with me. I do not know much about forensic science but what I can say is every field offers opportunities that can be exploited and which will not be seen by many. You could be one of the rare ones to see the opportunities and possibilities offered by this field. If there are no jobs, you could create them. Then you will become a job creator. I say this without knowing the challenges involved; but the truth is with knowledge and creativity one can find one’s way where others will not. Even as a student you can already start creating new avenues for this science through creativity. Always ask yourself, “what is the new thing that I can bring to this science? How can I make this science income-generating? How can I make the world pay more attention to this science? What can I do here that others have not done?” By asking these questions and more and trying to answer them you can make unbelievable discoveries that can set you on a new path. Secondly you could become a world-renowned authority in this science and will become an international expert. It is my believe that God would not put ambition in your heart for something without possibilities in it for you to excel.

      • Thanks a lot for this lovely and inspiring response! Indeed I’m convinced by your words that Lord would never put an ambition in my heart without possibilities therefore I think I should just continue to work towards my dream and I think creativity becomes a habit when your dream becomes an everyday job! Thanks a lot for taking the time out to reply…I really do appreciate it πŸ’œ

  4. I am working at being an advocate for all the invisible illnesses. This will help me and help others. We need to make ourselves known and have people and doctors accept that we are people with real diseases.

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