Do you believe in God?

Some people don’t believe in God;
How strange!
Or is it normal?
What do you say?
Do you believe in God?
Why do you?
If you don’t,
Why don’t you?
Is there a God?

Or there is no God?

24 thoughts on “Do you believe in God?

  1. I believe in one God creator of heaven and earth. There are things that the best scientist have tried to explain and failed, The answers I strongly believe can only come from the originator of life; God. The pieces of evidence are clear.

  2. No. I do not believe. There are many reasons, including historical and scientific inaccuracies in holy books, insufficient evidence, contradictions in holy books and many other things.

    • Thanks for your very interesting view. I do respect it. My comment is it looks like it’s hard to explain everything or understand everything at this point in history. It seems there is still so much to be understood about the mystery of life. I agree with the Catholic teaching on prudence which states that it is prudent to believe what those were here before us handed down to us. If we die and find there is no heaven and no hell we have nothing to lose rather than refuse to believe and then it happens when we die that there is a heaven and a hell. Then it will be too late to do anything about it. I find this really wise. What of you?

      • Thank you and I think that’s a bad idea for a number of reasons.

        1. You do lose something. You lose time and money for example, when you go to church or support their religion.

        2. Your god would know whether you truly believe, rather than believing merely to hedge a bet and avoid some sort of punishment.

        3. There are thousands of gods. Your bet is not statistically sound. Chances are you lose.

        4. Basing belief on strong evidence generally beats out faith claims.

        • You have very great arguments. Bravo! One lesson I’ve learned in life is not to try to understand everything because there are definitely things which will be hard to understand. I just have to live with them. We may speculate and think our answers are right just to find tomorrow they are wrong. We humans are limited in our capacity to understand aren’t we?

            • I agree and add that when reason does not give us all the answers, we must look at the other faculties we have to see if the answers can be there. The truth is there is a power greater that the human person that is responsible for our being here. Humans have named that power God just as we have named other living and non living things and have accepted those names. We cannot say a tree should not be called a tree because that name has been given by us humans. We do not know what the creator of the tree would have preferred it called but for own convenience we have named it tree. The most reasonable thing to me is to believe that there is a power more than us whose full nature he has hidden but has revealed himself to us in a way that he chose. This has been believed for two thousand years.People with more brilliant minds than me believe; and Following the ways he has prescribed the world would become a great place for us. Hence, I believe.I do acknowledge that a discussion on this is endless and very few people are ready to change their beliefs. I think it is right to hold fast to our belief until we understand better.After new knowledge is always being discovered.

              • I disagree. I think waiting for evidence is preferable to believing in made up things as placeholders. That’s a god of the gaps argument.

                A power greater than us doesn’t have to be god, especially one particular god. The sun, the universe are more powerful and I am but a small part of it. I’m a part that thinks and to throw reason aside (the one thing that differentiates us) in preference to faith in the supernatural is a huge mistake in my opinion. Reason has always beaten back superstition. No theory has ever been replaced by magic did it or by a supernatural explanation. The same can’t be said of supernatural explanations – they are steadily replaced by natural, evidence based explanations.

                Don’t waste your life immersed in a myth. Embrace truth and search for evidence.

                • Thank you dear friend. I like the conviction with which you express your views. I believe a discussion on this issue will not have an end, at least for now. This has been debated down the centuries with very little common ground by the two sides. The best I think is to respect each other’s views and move on with ours. It’s been a pleasure sharing with you on this. Have a great day.

  3. I believe in God and that there are a lot of things we don’t understand about how God works. We don’t understand why bad things happen, but I believe there is a good reason for everything God does.

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