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We grow when we share knowledge, don’t we?

I have a problem. As my blog grows, I find it more and more difficult to read all of your posts. Too much to read. Yet you so kindly read mine. I struggle; but find that I can only read a limited number a day.

What is your strategy to read what fellow bloggers are writing?

I will appreciate your sharing.

16 thoughts on “Share your strategy

  1. I read quickly which helps, but I always read certain blogs and the rest I try to read occasionally or just one out of many of their posts per day. I also may not read the blogs of those that don’t bother to like or comment on mine. I have close to 900 followers and can’t read them all. I just deleted 2000.

  2. I just slowly read through my reader but I guess I’m mostly up to date coz its summer and I therefore enjoy to read others’ posts however once school reopens I might not be able to do this…but I guess just slowly work up your reader! I know this isn’t very helpful but this is literally what I do…when you follow blogs that you genuinely want to read, it becomes easier!

  3. My blog has also grown quite a bit and I find myself with the same dilemma that you have. There is only so many hours in the day and I can´t spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer. So I basically do what the other commentator LInh Tran said, and even then I can´t read all. But I try to read as many and as varied as I can, to me this wordpress thing is what I have called “my free online university”, free if you don´t count what I have to pay for the internet that is.

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