Why do you comment?

Almost all bloggers appreciates comments on their posts. However, while some have an excess of comments, others do not. I have read very excellent posts that have some ‘likes’ but no comments. I have also read some not very great posts (in my judgement), but which have very many comments.

I believe it will be helpful to many bloggers if we share on why we comment. What makes you comment on some posts and only like some?

30 thoughts on “Why do you comment?

  1. Sometimes it has to do with whatever mood someone is in, I think. Sometimes I see a post that is deeply inspiring but I just am not in a “commenting mood” or don’t have much to say. I just quietly observe and take it in. While other moments I can see a less inspiring post but still a good one and just happen to be in the mood to comment or have more to say. Also, sometimes I want to comment but my Internet connection isn’t strong enough then but is strong enough just to “like.” Then I just don’t get around to commenting after that sometimes. 
     I think this is a good, thought-provoking question! I always appreciate both likes & comments as well as rebloggs and shares, it’s good just to know someone reads & likes it however that person chooses to express it.


  2. Others comment because they have seomthing to say about the topic; some just like coz they have nothing to say. they are just impressed. kkk. Or others are just tired of writing comments.

  3. As a blogger, I know how hard it is to get people to comment – they HATE it. Until they do it once and discover the world does not show up at their door brandishing pitchforks. Then they’ll do it again, maybe.

    So I comment to be supportive. I read a lot and comment infrequently but “like” occasionally, as a way of saying yes I was here.

  4. In my opinion commenting in the first place tells a blogger that the message has reached us, it is also a sign of appreciation. Just liking could mean that the comment squarely addressees a problem. Some times, time constraints may cause a reader to just click on like.

  5. If the post really talks to me, I try to comment, but with almost 900 followers now between 2 blogs it is getting harder and harder. I even have to let some posts go. Some I have to comment on, it is a feeling I get and I try to help that person.

  6. I’ve noticed that when I can relate to a post, it becomes difficult to not comment or like it…even if it’s just saying that the post is great, I feel like I must comment!
    Likes…sometimes words reach your heart and that’s when I have to tap like…I may not comment by that’s only when I got nothing to say…I’m happy with the post but don’t know what to say about it or of course if my mum wants me to put my phone away quickly and help her around the house then commenting isn’t always possible! ☺️

  7. I comment post that tickles my brain and when I like pictures. Sometimes I haven’t got time to comment. Then I at least like the posts I like 🙂

  8. If I can relate to the post or if I have something related to say about to the blogger then I comment and have a conversation. And sometimes I do it just to encourage them and to let them know that they’re doing good job.

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