A powerful quote

This is a powerful quote I found today when reading Jack Canfield’s book “Success Principles”. It can change your life. Jack is one of the greatest successes in the world who knows what he is talking about.It goes thus:

“…whatever you are going through now is going to turn out better in the future.”

I like this quote. It greatly inspires me. What of you?

30 thoughts on “A powerful quote

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  2. It is a consoling piece for a difficult moment someone is going through now. It gives the idea that, it may seem dark now,soon, there will be light in the tunnel

  3. It is those moments of despair and anguish, when we hit rock bottom and don’t think we will ever surface again, that we learn, change, and come back up to the surface as different people whom suffering has mellowed…we need those dark moments to grow and evolve. Great quote! 🙂

  4. There was a time recently that I was nothing but raw nerves and just about on the verge of collapse. Going on blind Faith, determined to bring success to a certain situation, I did not stop until I saw success. Yet going through that darkness was indeed terrifying. I hung on and hung on …. and came out the other side to the Shore of Light. Yes indeed, this quote is fantastic!!! Love, Amy <3

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