Stop breaking your own heart

Stop it!
You are breaking
Your own heart;
Stop breaking
Your own heart!
Stop crying for someone
Who is not for you!
You are running after a shadow
That is running away from you;
What a waste of time!
Are you a fool?
Have you no eyes to see?
Who can fetch water
From a rock;
The fellow is not for you;
Accept it;
You can’t change it;
Stop breaking
Your own heart
For someone who doesn’t care.!

10 thoughts on “Stop breaking your own heart

  1. It can take much time and painful personal experience to learn these lessons in life. Such emotional issues of the heart are sensitive and delicate and not always easy life lessons to learn…? 🙁

  2. Good one, I have a view to share, consider another option where some one is put to test in order to find out whether there is true love.

    • Yes, of course. It is important to make sure. Often, people allow themselves to be carried away without making sure that the other truly loves them. Then later they find there was no true love when it is too late. Hence, make assurance double sure. In my post I am talking of a situation where you are sure there is no love and you want to force it.

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