Our prayer to end the day

God our Heavenly and Almighty Father!
The time has come for us to go to bed;
And how can we thank you enough
For your wonderful blessings of this day?
You have been so kind;
You have given us what is good for us today;
And when it did not look so nice,
It was only our wrong vision;
Although “thank you” is not enough,
That is the only way we can
Show our gratitude to you;
Therefore, loving God, we say a mighty
“Thank you” to you;
Forgive us our trespasses;
Create a place in your heart for us.
As we go to bed tonight,
We commit our families into your divine hands;
We commit our friends, and neighbors to you;
We commit our colleagues and all the people of our community to you;
We commit the leaders of our country to you;
We commit your Church and her leaders into your hands;
Bless them O Lord; and bless us too;
Protect them; and protect us;
And make us sleep soundly this night;
Send your angels to watch over us;
That our night may be peaceful;
That glory may come to your most
Holy name!

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