Where is that burning love?

Burning love! Burning love!
Where is the burning love?
Do you remember that you
Promised me burning love
Throughout life?
Do you remember what you told me
On that shiny moonlit night?
When we held ourselves tight;
For hours on end;
Unable to tear ourselves apart?
Where is that burning love
That you promised me?
Is it this nagging that I get
From you every night?
You ought to know what it means
To give your word to another;
Why don’t you respect
What you freely promised me?
I urge you to keep your word.

2 thoughts on “Where is that burning love?

  1. Amazing! I wish couples and potential couples learn to keep this promise, marriage could be a small Paradise on earth if this promise is kept and young people will no longer be scared venturing into marriage. I wish you and your spouse and all couples in the would be able to keep this first promise Dr.

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