The best friend in the world

You talk of friends?
I have a friend;
A very special friend,
No better friend
In the whole wide world
There is than him.
He is an honest friend;
A reliable friend;
A trustworthy friend;
Who stands by me in shine or rain;
He follows me wherever I go;
All he wants is
To make sure all is fine for me;
He never fails me;
He’s never failed me;
And for all I know,
He will never fail me.
He is the kind of friend everybody
Likes to have as friend;
He is so loving and kind;
He tells me the right thing to do;
So that the right thing may come to me;
When the going is too rough for me,
He carries me on his back.
Since I know how powerful he is
And is fully there for me,
I am confident, courageous;fearless;
And there is nothing I cannot do.
That is the friend I have;
And do you know the good news?
This friend can be yours also;
Taking, of course, that you like it.
I can give you his name,
And you approach him yourself;
You will become the best of friends;
Do you like it?
I hear you say ‘yes’;
Then take his name;
And go to him;
He’ll welcome you with open hands;
His name is Jesus Christ.

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