If the road is smooth

If a road is smooth,
You must be careful
The way you drive;
You can easily run into an accident,
If you don’t control your speed;
Same goes for life;
If life is smooth for you,
Be careful how you live,
You can easily blow it.

4 thoughts on “If the road is smooth

    • It looks better but I am still not customizing it properly. I hope somebody will lend me a hand. My tagline is not coming out and even my menu. I am sorry I am making it hard for my readers but until I get what I know is best I cannot settle.

      • Maybe this theme doesn’t allow a tagline. Not all of them do. And mine does, but it is across from the title and not below it anymore. I found this out from the class I took and playing around with them. Just a possibility to think about. All themes aren’t created equal.

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