Rewarding competition

How do you look at those of your friends who are succeeding brilliantly? Do you compare and compete with them and become jealous? This is not a positive attitude; and will not help you.

Looking at those friends of yours who are shining and glittering and comparing and competing with them can hurt you. It can make you jealous; and jealousy will not help you. Jealousy will rather hurt you.

Unhealthy comparing and competing can also discourage you. It can erode your self-confidence.

Hence, don’t compare yourself with others. Compare yourself with yourself. Don’t compete with others; compete with yourself. This does not mean that you should not emulate good examples. Of course, if you see somebody doing well you can decide to emulate their example; but it should not be in a negative competitive spirit. It should be in a positive spirit; what may be called healthy competition.

There is unhealthy, unrewarding competition and healthy, rewarding competition. Go for competition that will reward you.

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