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Do not dismiss anyone with a wave of the hand. It’s hard to know what God has in store for anyone. Do not judge anyone from their physical appearance. Someone may look like a nobody, but will instead be a somebody; and someone may look like a somebody but will be a nobody.


The point is judging people from their appearance and dismissing them with a wave of the hand is a mistake.I have made this mistake myself before; but I do not intend to make it again.


I grew up with Bisi. Physically, she did not amount to much. Many, like me, dismissed her. But it has turned out that we were wrong. Bisi is well married; has some lovely children (who are doing very well); has a good job; and no longer looks as she looked when she was young. In fact, she is far from that. She has a powerful personality. It’s a real transformation, indeed!

In almost every community you will find people who do not look like they amount to anything or would amount to anything. The temptation, in such cases, is to dismiss them. Yet, it is not the right thing to do.


God has a plan for everybody; and He alone knows what that plan is. The person you laugh at and dismiss may do better than you tomorrow; or may surprise you tomorrow.

Therefore, it is important to learn to dismiss nobody because of their physical appearance or their poor background.

11 thoughts on “Dismiss nobody

  1. An enlightening post. I can totally relate to it; it’s a common scenario in our society today. We need to quit dismissing other people or underestimating their strengths and abilities.

  2. I have known one such person, and despite not having had a career,and always being materially poor, has gained my respect, and admiration for leading a simple, honest life, having maintained one affectionate relationship, and been happy a lot of the time. I wish that I could say the same.

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