The marvels of the inspired soul

People who are inspired do marvels. They do things with such expertise or excellence that others marvel at them. The works of inspiration usually look beyond normal human capacity. That is why I talk of the marvels of the inspired souls.

Many of the great exploits of life are the fruit of inspiration.People have been inspired to write great novels, plays, and poems; paint great pictures; compose enduring melodies that touch the hearts of millions of people, play football with such talent that they virtually shine like the sun; come up with awe-inspiring inventions.

In every field of human endeavor, you will find the marvels of inspiration.

If you want to do something enduring in life that will touch lots of hearts, you need inspiration; you need to be inspired.

A good question is: where does inspiration come from? How can you get the type of inspiration that will enable you to do marvels as you see others doing?

It is easy. We shall handle this in a later post. For now, I like to know what you think. kindly send me your ideas. We can put them together and share; and grow together.


4 thoughts on “The marvels of the inspired soul

  1. Very true, yes inspiration is very important. We can be inspired by reading biographies or autobiographies of great personalities and learn from their life experiences and be motivated to do great work as they did.

    This is what I do to remain inspired. Always read books.

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