Don’t take anger to bed

Dear loving couple,
Don’t go to bed plotting against each other;
Don’t go to bed with anger in your hearts;
For that is a way to ruin your night;
That is a way to ruin your love;
And that is a way to ruin your marriage;
If a misunderstanding with each other
You have, resolve it,
Dear loving couple,
Before you lay your head to sleep;
And if that you cannot do,
Make sure you do,
Before the singing of the birds;
Before morning comes.

6 thoughts on “Don’t take anger to bed

  1. The worst night I have ever had is when I went to bed bitter. If that happened to be my last night, I wonder where I could have spent my eternity. Anger is semi madness can be the cause of some .diseases So we got to control our emotions.

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