Hillary Clinton in trouble?

Presentation1Hillary Clinton in trouble?
What trouble?
Where is the trouble?
Hillary is only a human being;
She makes her mistakes;
Just like you and I;
Should she be perfect?
To become president?
Yes, her opponents will hang
On anything;
To have their way;
Shall Hillary supporters be fooled?
To abandon their lady?
Because her opponents want
To have their way?
Be not fooled
Americans for Hillary!
Let opponents say what they say;
Stand firm for the lady you love;
Go for Hillary;
Mistakes or no mistakes;
She is human.
We need a human for president;
Not God.
Hillary for president.
Give women their chance!

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton in trouble?

  1. I wouldn’t want to vote for her just because she’s a woman. I wouldn’t feel safe having her as our President. Our safety would be at risk, and I feel as she thinks she’s above the law.

    • I respect your reasons which look quite honest but when I read the things that some other people write they make me lose respect for the people I have always admired.They come through like unscrupulous spoilers who will go to any extent to tarnish you just so that you do not win. I find this not good; not right.

    • Thank you very much. I am getting more and more disappointed with the so much noise made about this issue. People should be honest to say their interest is to see their choice in the White House instead of pretending to be out for honesty when they are not honest themselves.

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