Face it!

Face it!
Don’t escape!
Don’t run away!
It’s the coward who runs way
From challenges;
You must stand strong;
You have what it takes to crush it;
Face it!
Confront it squarely in the face;
Use the powers buried in you,
And handle it;
Make sure you come out on top.
You should never run away;
Face it!
And win.


8 thoughts on “Face it!

  1. Ah..great post. First, it is important to note that some fears are healthy and some situations should be avoided for your own personal safety. There are no hero points awarded for going into a personally threatening situation. However, if the threat is more mental than physical, actually doing the thing you’re afraid of can be the best antidote of all. Don’t forget that it is often easiest to do this in steps. If your biggest fear is public speaking (and it is for the majority of us) don’t offer to address the room at the next stock holder’s meeting, but do try something smaller. Consider leading your next departmental meeting, or give a small talk at your next group meeting, something with a small audience and familiar faces, then work your way up from there. Facing your fears is a process.

    Thanks for the post.


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