How to become a champion

The margin between champions and runners-up in most big competitions is often very slim. In an exam it is sometimes less than half a mark. In football, it is often one goal. In running, at times, it is a split second.

If the margin is slim, the difference in terms of fame and financial benefits may be worlds apart. One may carry a gold medal, while the other gets bronze. One may bag a colossal sum of money; the other not much. One may enter the Record Book of Fame; not the other.

What does this mean?

It means if you want to become a champion you must work extremely hard because there are many others as good as you. If you relent by one second another may take the crown.

Work hard. Work very hard;and make sure you keep on working very hard until the golden crown is on your head.

An excellent performer who relents just a little may see the golden crown pass to another.

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