Fair fighting in marriage

Fighting may be a negative act; but there is a context in which it is very positive – fighting for your marriage.

This is not physical fighting or exchanging punches in the bedroom between husband and wife. Such fighting would rather be against not for your marriage. The fighting we are talking about is called ‘Fair fighting’.

This means taking necessary positive action to make your marriage a success. It is called fighting because it demands effort; a responsible decision, good will, courage, determination and will power.

Fair fighting or fighting fair for your marriage means that you do not take it for granted; that you work for it to succeed. Your marriage will not succeed on its own. Hence, taking it for granted, and not working for it to succeed, will make it fail.

Fair fighting for your marriage means deciding that you will do what it takes to make it succeed. Once this is done, you go for the necessary tools to use; and when you find them, you use them.

This type of fighting, however, brings rewards only when both husband and wife are both engaged in it; which is a worthwhile exercise, anyway.

Are you ready for fair fighting for your marriage to succeed? This may not concern you right now if you are not yet married; but are you ready to fight fair when the time comes in order that your marriage may succeed?

Couples who ‘fight fair’ for their marriages everyday reap the joyful results. Theirs is an example to emulate. Will you, if you are not already doing it?

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