Our first date

It was our very first date.
She seemed as mesmerized by me
As I was by her;
Her magnetic charm ensnared me;
As I stood peering at her, she stared back;
Her eyes gleamed with love;
The writing on the wall was clear;
We had each found the one
We had been searching for;
My heart beat faster
I took one step towards her;
She was irresistible; I took a second one;
She stood still; but her shiny eyes
Urged me to move on; I did; and got closer;
A pleasant fragrance from her body
I had never smelled before
Greeted me with a gentle smile;
I returned the grace.
I could touch the magnetic pull;
Before long, we were bathing under
A shower of love in each other’s arms;
Never had I felt so loved;
Our first date
Was an unforgettable love bliss.

4 thoughts on “Our first date

  1. Hahahaha, this is wonderful Dr. This is another encouraging one, increasing my zeal to prepare myself and jump in the train. I like to hear that! Blessed day!


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