Choose three

A man prays to God. God answers his prayer and sends him ten blessings; but he must take only three and send the rest back to him. These are the ten gifts.CHOOSE THREECHOOSE 2
Wisdom: To become as wise as King Solomon. In short, the wisest person in the world.

Faith: To be as strong in your faith as Abraham or Mother Mary.

Confidence: To be believe in yourself; to be very confident of yourself.

Love: To be loved by all who know you. To find the love of your life and fully enjoy love.

Courage: To have the heart of a lion; and can go through any challenge that calls for courage.

Power: To be so powerful that people would tremble when you speak.

Fame: To be famous throughout the world.

Peace: To live a peaceful life.

Happiness: To be a happy person.

Long Life: To live a very long life; more than one hundred and twenty years old.

If you were this man, which three would you choose and why?


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  1. I would choose love (faith follows), confidence (courage and power follows) and peace (again, happiness follows).
    This is amazing! 👌I actually had to think about this one! Thanks a lot for sharing indeed! ☺️

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