How do you soar so high just to sink so low? How do you live in an ivory tower just to end up sitting in mud? How do you fight so hard to become king just to end your life as a beggar?

In life, where we start may matter; but even more important is where we end. Some people start with nothing and end with much. Some people start with much and end with nothing.

Life is full of challenges and temptations that can make you lose what you have worked so hard to earn in a twinkling of an eye. If you are not smart, challenges and temptations will sink you.

Have you ever been gripped by a burning desire to do something which you knew was wrong? Such a desire is temptation. Temptation is one of the most dangerous forces in the world. It has ruined many. You have to watch out lest it ruins you.

When temptation grips you, it does not easily leave you. The more you want to shirk it off, the firmer it grips you. You have to be strong to get out of its grip. Those who are not strong enough end up being engulfed by it.

Beware of temptation! Let it not ruin you. Do not work so hard to rise so high and then end up in mud.This has happened to many under our watchful eyes. How tragic indeed when this happens! Let it not happen to you. A word to a wise person is sufficient.


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